Examining your white blood cells in the live condition via LBM is particularly valuable. White blood cells (your immune cells) can also be healthy or weak. More importantly, they can be active or inactive. Through Live Blood Microscopy you can see if the immune cells are moving through the blood cleaning the cells and plasma. When the plasma is dirty and sticky the white cells cannot move easily through the plasma. They cannot function properly, therefore, and the quality of your blood deteriorates further. Immune cells must be active to provide good service to the blood. Live Blood Microscopy is invaluable for assessing the number, health and activity level of your immune cells.   

The opportunity to monitor your health is an invaluable benefit of Live Blood Microscopy. Viewing your blood before you begin a health improvement program and at intervals during your program gives you immediate, and often graphic, feedback about the quality of your health and progress in recovery. It is a highly motivating procedure for people wishing to become, or remain, healthy.

Improving the quality of your blood cells is largely dependent on your nutrition. Quality nutrition provides the body with the raw materials necessary to build good, strong red and white blood cells. Green barley, the most nutritious of all plant foods, is an excellent source of quality nutrition and is superb for assisting the body to build healthy cells. Green barley, the dehydrated shoots of the young barley plant, is superb food which assists the body to make strong new blood cells within a few weeks of having green barley on a daily basis.

Antioxidants also offer a significant benefit to your blood vessels and cells. Antioxidants reduce free radical damage, which cause oxidative stress and damage to your cells and blood vessels. Protecting against this damage with a quality antioxidant reduces chemical damage and promotes vibrant health.

Live Blood Microscopy is an educational and motivational procedure to assist you to your goal of vibrant health. It offers explanation and understanding for your state of health and well being. Your practitioner can guide you towards cleaner plasma, stronger cells and improved health. Live Blood Microscopy opens the world within for our eyes to behold.

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